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The purpose of our association is professional and reliable legal service provision.

How do we achieve this? 

We hold it important that not only do we draw upon our knowledge of the law and the best available practices, but also our multiple decades’ worth of experience as well, putting it into practice. This is why our firm operates as a professional workshop where we consider each other’s legal opinion, work out the solutions that serve our clients best together, and work in close cooperation with our partners in order to deliver quality services every time to those who turn to us for help. 
Our work is based on the principles of quality, precision, and efficiency regarding cases of private clients, economic companies, and other organisations as well. We consider the positive feedback of our loyal clients and their continued engagement of our services a guarantee of the quality of our work. 
Alongside general civil law matters, we also provide legal assistance to our clients in the fields of state aid and business development. Detailed information regarding these services may be found below.

State aid

Domestic subsidies to economical intentions, including public services (services of general economic interest) funded from state or local governmental resources, fall under the scope of European Union state aid law. Our special area of expertise – founded on considerable knowledge of public finances and their regulation – is legal counsel to both state aid granting authorities and state aid recipient entities. Based on decades of experience in the legal practice of both European Union and national state aid law, we provide assistance in the preparation and wording of national and local governmental aid facilities, call for tenders, aid contracts and public service contracts in accordance with EU and national state aid rules, in selecting the applicable state aid basis and category and in applying the relevant regulations properly. We provide legal counsel regarding the interpretation of European Union state aid law, and the reference of relevant cases and established case-law of the European Commission and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Organisation and business development

It is important in the life of an organisation to be continuously and carefully managed, right from its conception and during its formation as well. To this end, we provide our clients with counsel, legal representation, and assistance from companies’ incorporation to their legal compliance, alongside the preparation and review of agreements, investments, and enterprise restructuring. Our legal counsel not only encompass the continuous operation of an organisation, but the termination of its operation as well, including voluntary liquidation, bankruptcy proceedings and liquidation. Our portfolio includes the continuous support of non-governmental organisations’ legal compliance, the provision of attorney’s services required for their incorporation and amendment, and the handling of problems emerging regarding the operation of associations, foundations and societies via the help of an attorney.

Dispute resolution

If we look around, we may recognise that we live our life surrounded by contracts: we shop, we are employed, we open bank accounts, we register to websites, or may even invest in a start-up. These activities share the probability that the contracting parties – or parties seeking to enter into a contract – may find themselves in a dispute. Our firm provides assistance to clients regarding legal disputes between companies or private individuals, mainly in economic matters, damages and compensation lawsuits, labour and family law disputes. Our services include preliminary legal counsel, advice regarding legal regulations and procedures, preparation of court documents, representation before civil and administrative court or authority proceedings. In all cases, we strive to ensure that any legal disputes that may emerge shall burden our clients’ lives and businesses as little as possible, tailoring our services to our clients’ needs.

Areas of practice

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Public finance law

Labour law

Real estate law

Corporate law

Contract law

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